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  • Resource Conserving Techniques in Crop Production Resource Conserving Techniques in Crop Production

Resource Conserving Techniques in Crop Production

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Resource Conserving Techniques in Crop Production

Author : A.R. Sharma & U.K. Behera
Language : English
Publisher : Scientific Publishers (India)
Edition : Latest
Media : Hard Back
ISBN : 9788172336738

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Resource Conserving Techniques in Crop Production Recent researches on resource conserving techniques have provided exciting opportunities for improving input-use-efficiency, productivity and sustainability. These techniques include: zero tillage, minimum tillage, rotary tillage, bed planting, surface seeding, laser land leveling, pressurized irrigation systems, system of rice intensification, aerobic rice, soil solarization, residue management, site-specific nutrient management, crop diversification, precision farming emplo-ying use of modern tools and procedures etc. Adoption of these techniques is the need of the hour as a method of 'low-input agriculture' to reduce costs and achieve sustainability in Indian agriculture. This book provides the most updated and comprehensive information on resource conserving techniques for improving crop productivity. The text is divided into 9 sections: (i) Concept and approaches, (ii) Cropping systems and diversification, (iii) Soil use and management, (iv) Improving nutrient use efficiency, (v) Water-saving techniques, (vi) Weed dynamics and herbicide use, (vii) Energy conservation and farm machinery, (viii) Modern tools and approaches, (ix) On-farm testing and evaluation. In each section, there are chapters on specific topics, contributed by eminent scientists, who made notable research contributions in their field of specialization. The chapters have been thoroughly edited and presented in an easily understandable manner. Contents :- I. CONCEPT AND APPROACHES 1 Resource Conserving Techniques for Improving Input-use Efficiency and Crop Productivity - A.R. SHARMA AND U.K. BEHERA 2 Conservation Agriculture - Problems and Prospects in Indian Context - SURAJ BHAN 3 Resource Conserving Technologies in Hill Farming Systems - C.L. ACHARYA 4 Biodiversity for Soil Health and Efficient Resource Utilization - ASHOK K. PATRA 5 Quality Seed for Agricultural Prosperity - B.B. PATTANAIK II. CROPPING SYSTEMS AND DIVERSIFICATION 6 Resource Conserving Technologies for Sustainability of Rice-Wheat System - R.K. SHARMA 7 Resource Management in Maize-based Cropping Systems - SAIN DASS, M.L. JAT AND K.P. SINGH 8 Resource Conserving Techniques in Sugarcane-based Cropping System - R.L. YADAV AND S.K. SHUKLA 9 Resource Conservation and Management for Sustainable Oilseed Production - D.M. HEGDE AND S.N. SUDHAKARA BABU 10 Sustainability of Small Farm Diversification with Reference to Eastern India - I.C. MAHAPATRA 11 Resource Conserving Techniques in Fruit Crops - R.R. SHARMA 12 Diversification through Vegetable Cultivation - A.S. SIDHU III. SOIL USE AND MANAGEMENT 13 Carbon Sequestration and Agricultural Production in India - R.K. RATTAN AND S.P. DATTA 14 Crop Residue Management for Improving Soil and Crop Productivity - YADVINDER-SINGH 15 Resource Conserving Technologies and Soil Physical Environment - R.K. TOMAR, R.N. SAHOO, R.N. GARG, V.K. GUPTA, D. CHAKRABORTY, NAVEEN KALRA IV. IMPROVING NUTRIENT-USE EFFICIENCY 16 Options for Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency - H. PATHAK AND J.K. LADHA 17 Strategies for Efficient NPK Management - RAJENDRA PRASAD 18 Site-Specific Nutrient Management for Sustained Higher Productivity - S.K. SHARMA 19 Resource Conserving Techniques for Improving Nutrient-Use Efficiency - Y.S. SHIVAY 20 Nutrient Management for Sustaining Crop Production in Salt-affected Soils - ANAND SWARUP 21 Deficiency and Management of Micronutrients for Sustainable Crop Production - S.P. DATTA AND R.K. RATTAN V. WATER SAVING TECHNOLOGIES 22 Rainwater Harvesting in Hill Farming - P.K. GHOSH 23 Irrigation Scheduling to Crops under Adequate and Limited Water Supplies - SUBEDAR SINGH 24 System of Rice Intensification for Enhancing Rice Yield and Water Economy - DINESH KUMAR 25 Sustainable Use of Saline and Alkali Waters for Irrigation - P.S. MINHAS 26 Pressurized Irrigation Systems for Efficient Water Use - T.B.S. RAJPUT 27 Sub-surface Drainage System for Improving Agricultural Productivity in Coastal Areas - MAN SINGH 28 Surface Irrigation Automation for Enhancing Water Use Efficiency - MANOJ KHANNA VI. WEED DYNAMICS AND HERBICIDE USE 29 Resource Conserving Techniques and Weed Control Efficiency - T.K. DAS 30 Problem of Herbicide Resistance in Weeds and its Management - N.T. YADURAJU VII. ENERGY CONSERVATION AND FARM MACHINERY 31 Energy Use in Production Agriculture - P.K. SAHOO AND U.K. BEHERA 32 Energy Efficient Machinery for Conservation Agriculture - A.P. SRIVASTAVA 33 Farming for Energy Security - D.S. RANA VIII. MODERN TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES 34 Precision Farming: Concept, Limitations and Opportunities in Indian Agriculture - R.N. SAHOO 35 Use of Modern Tools and Techniques in Agricultural Water Management - A. SARANGI IX. ON-FARM TESTING AND EVALUATION 36 Farming System Research for Sustainable Development of Small and Marginal Farmers - U.K. BEHERA AND A.R. SHARMA 37 On-farm Development and Evaluation of Resource-Conserving Technologies - M.L. JAT, Y.S. SAHARAWAT, MAHESH GATHALA AND K.P. SINGH 38 On-farm Water Management Practices for Higher Crop Productivity - S.K. DUBEY 39 Mode of Operation and Performance of Contract Cottonseed Farming - A Case Study - SHIV KUMAR

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